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Local SEO is ultra-targeted optimisation. If you’ve got a physical premises in a town or city, or you simply want to focus on one area for your customers then you need local SEO. It’s similar to how we perform our normal link-building and even our app SEO. We build quality links from thousands of sources with your keywords. If you want to rank your website for accountants in London then we will help you build a Google Places page and this helps bolster your local SEO ranking.

By increasing Google placing you can enjoy more visitors to your website, which in turn, means more paying customers. We choose buyer’s keywords; ones that have an actionable notion to them ie. need an accountant in London. It means you don’t get ‘tyre kickers’ and you get a more focused, more targeted group of web visitors. This is local SEO and yes, it’s just as difficult as regular SEO.

With Studio Ten you can pay a monthly amount for us to spend time on your local SEO link building. We will set up your site to be optimised for the link building and set to work. Once we’re happy that your on-page SEO – which is on your website meaning it’s optimised to our high standards – then we start the local SEO backlinks.

This sort of internet marketing for your local town or city, ie. London, Brentford, Watford, Edinburgh or Newcastle means that your site will show in the top of Google Places and the organic search results (and mobile results; we’re mobile SEO experts too), so you will have an all-round accessible, targeted marketing campaign a website.

It’s amazing just how many people think that owning a website means they will get website traffic when really the optimising and link-building process as well as local SEO is a tricky part of marketing. That’s why you should let us help. Contact us today and let us know that you want local SEO.

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