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Bad Link Removal

As seasoned professionals in SEO and Internet marketing, we also provide a bad link removal service. If you have had negative SEO performed by unscrupulous individuals, an inexperienced SEO company, agency or individual provide you with poor links, or you have been hit by the latest Google update chances are you NEED this bad link removal service.

All you have to do is add Studio Ten (we will provide the email address) to your Google Webmaster Tool account. We then download your backlink data using our special tools, analyse each and every one of them, remove bad backlinks via the Google Disavow tool, and in many circumstances the penalty that your site has will be lifted.

It’s a lot of work from our side, but for you, it’s simple. It can be the difference between having your online business running or having zero traffic, lost rankings, lost revenue, and in some cases, having to shut your business down.

We only charge £99 for each domain, this will be refunded if no bad links are found. £99 for peace of mind, your website back, your worries alleviated and it will help you get your rankings back.

How Studio Ten’s Bad Link Removal Service Works

Through a multitude of ways, we check, analyse and remove the bad links from your backlink profile. From our years of experience, testing to make sure we know what works and what doesn’t work against Google’s algorithm, we can tell which links are class as bad neighbourhood ones and which ones are good. If we’re ever in doubt, we won’t remove any links.

Do You Need Our Bad Backlink Removal Service?
Has your site recently:

It could all be down to having a bad link profile. Get in touch, we’ll have a look at your site and if there are bad links to remove we’ll charge, otherwise it’s free.

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