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Our Success Stories

Why do some SEO agencies hide what their customers say about them? We don't. We meet most of our new clients through word of mouth or referrals from our existing client-base. How's that for a testimonial? Just look at the graphs and most importantly, the revenue increases from our online and digital marketing campaigns:

Some we don’t have figures for, others clients have their goal figures set up on Analytics.

The above is, previously doing well although not very targeted traffic but made some errors with the site that caused a penalty around March 2014. We amended the penalty, fixed the site’s SEO, and grew the targeted organic traffic month on month through our online marketing. The increases equate to: £1.7m extra revenue in 8 months with a 3,777% ROI

The above is a web design company that wanted only to increase traffic for web development + city – the additional sales have made the company in excess of £150,000 in 4 months.

The keyword for this site was Maldives holidays. This site generated over £250,000 in its first year as an affiliate site getting £100 per sale. We wrote the content, helped set the site up and got to position #2 in four months. Extra keywords in the second year helped increase traffic even more.

Keyword Sri Lanka holidays, peak time is January but as you can see we raised the traffic’s average over the previous year. We started from day one for this site, so all successes have been down to us.

Business loans client, we started very early on in the site’s online life and have grown it into one of the leading business loans websites in the UK (and the EU now). Currently makes £millions per month from organic SEO.

Very low volume keywords but highly profitable in the finance industry. Again, we have been with this company from the start. We’ve reached the ceiling for this keyword and are helping the company with new avenues for slightly different financial products. The spike at the start is from press release launch, not buyer’s traffic until it settled down around the 100 per day mark.

Here is a well-known e-commerce site selling stationary items. We have increased their traffic by 67% over their last 6 months, albeit with the Xmas bump, but the increases can be seen across the board. In the first few weeks, we hit 13 x #1s for their main target keywords (difficult ones!). This site makes around £150k per month.

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