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Affiliate Marketing

It's simple. We can sell your product for you. Instead of paying a monthly fee, just pay us a % of the sales. This isn't like our performance-related SEO, this is just pure affiliate marketing. No affiliate network involved, who just take 30% for no reason, but all we need is a contract/agreement signed and our unique tracking installed on your Analytics so we can track our efforts to sales.

This works great for high value products and services, new or existing sites. We take an average of the last 12 months sales, if you're already established, and over that amount we take a %. 

Affiliate marketing isn't new. It isn't something to be scared of. Nearly all major businesses do it. Halifax sells other people's products on their online banking site in return for a fee/cut. Moneysupermarket, MoneySavingExpert,, in fact, there are very few real companies out there that sell their own product or service!

Get in touch as it's something that we can help with and really enjoy the competitiveness and the thrill of affiliate marketing.


(Please note, we scrutinise every business we work with and your company may not qualify with our checks, we may recommend a monthly package depending on the type of website).